Create Framework for PCF Project

Create a folder where you want to store all the files of your project. I have created a folder named DemoPCFProject. Open NodeJS Command Prompt and navigate to the newly created folder using cd command.

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Extract only Date from DateTime value


We have a datetime column DueDate in a SQL table. I need to display only date version in a label in Power Apps Gallery. Below is the code:


This will return 11-Jan-2023

People Picker in Canvas Apps

Insert a People Picker in Canvas Power App using Combo Box. Below are the steps: Add Office 365 Users Data Source. Add a Combo Box. Click on Edit Fields on Properties Bar. Select Person as the Layout. To pre-populate the Combo Box with the existing value, write below code in DefaultSelectedItems property. RequestSubmittedByEmail and RequestSubmittedByName […]

Check if a Table in Data Source is empty

To check whether a table in data source is empty or not, use IsEmpty


This is equivalent to CountRows(tableName)=0

We cannot use CountRows() directly on data source as it generally gives Delegation warning (Depends on the Connector)

If IsEmpty(tableName) returns true, this indicates that your Data Source table has no rows.

Add new line in Text

There are times when we want to add a new line in a text to be displayed in Label.

Use Char(10) to insert a new line in Label like shown below.

Add new line in Label

Use <br> to insert a new line in HTML Text Input like shown below.

Add new line in HTML Text Input

Convert values selected from Combo Box to a Comma separated string

I have a Combo Box with dummy values A, B, C , D and multi-select On. I want to select multiple values and display them in a Label as comma-separated string

For this, we can use function Concat. Below is an example for the same

As these are hardcoded values in Combo Box, I took Value in Concat function.

If you are getting these values dynamically, you can also use Result.

Calculate Start Date and End Date of Current Month

Below is the formula to Calculate Start Date and End Date of current month

Month Start Date

     Year(Now()), Month(Now()), 1)

Month End Date

        Date(Year(Now()), Month(Now()),1),
        1, Months
     -1, Days

Fetch all Years between two dates

I have a Data Source Table called as EmployeeDetails with column names as: Employee Name, Address, Phone and DateOfJoining.

Users can fetch all the Years between two given dates using Sequence function.

Code for Items property of Combo Box. You can use this in List Box or DropDown as well.