Fetch all Years between two dates

I have a Data Source Table called as EmployeeDetails with column names as: Employee Name, Address, Phone and DateOfJoining.

Users can fetch all the Years between two given dates using Sequence function.

Code for Items property of Combo Box. You can use this in List Box or DropDown as well.

Introduction to Power Platform

Power Platform is a platform introduced by Microsoft that offers capability to create application without writing much code. Users don’t need to have coding skills to develop these applications. They can create applications, flows, BI Reports and Chatbots using Power Platform.

Power Platform comprise of 4 products:

Power Apps

This provide low-code environment to create applications for business needs. This has services, connectors and data platform (Dataverse) to allow interaction with existing data. Users can create Web and Mobile applications that run on all devices. There are 4 types of Power Apps: Canvas apps, Model-driven apps and Portals.

Power Automate

Power Automate lets you create Cloud and Desktop flows that run in backend to perform various operations like sending an automated email, handle approval requests, data collection, etc. They can be executed automatically on trigger of an event or can be scheduled to run on a regular interval.

Power BI

This is a Business Intelligence product offered by Microsoft. Users can create reports and dashboards from a data set to perform analysis which helps in quick decision making.

Power Virtual Agents

Users can create powerful Chatbots without writing code. Chatbots can perform various actions by calling Power Automate workflows.